Introducing Binaize - Part 1Blog

Here’s why Binaize was born and exists.


BY Nikhil / ON Nov 29, 2019

We are in the middle of Energy revolution

Worldwide, the Energy sector is a $1.5 Trillion market, growing 7 % YoY. But the Industry overall and especially Oil and Natural Gas, lose more than $ 100 Billion every year in operational losses despite having the data and infrastructure to avoid the same. Binaize is a network intelligence software product that helps increase operational efficiency and decrease machine downtime. Binaize’s vertical-focused AI/ML solutions and Analytics help the business achieve up to 10X ROI in their critical Industrial Automation operations. We use technology to save time, money, and effort.

The Energy sector has realized that automation is the way to go and Industrial IoT is a key aspect of Industry 4.0. Unfortunately, with no standardized framework, Industries face massive operational inefficiencies and are not adopting the full potential of the operational technology they have invested in.

At Binaize, we believe that we can help organizations utilize existing infrastructure and data to unlock fresh revenue streams and plug unnecessary losses using our proprietary decision science engine via actionable insights.



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